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How realistic do you think it would be that she never tried asking her "Swedish" handler to talk to her in Swedish? I don't know how well-trained P&E were in any languages besides English, but if Philip is going to pretend to be a Swede, he should at least have a basic working knowledge of the language, no?

For someone like her, I can easily imagine her teasingly asking Philip, "How do you say 'I love you' in Swedish?"

For him to hem and haw at that point could've raised her suspicions, but I can't imagine him knowing enough to toss off a "jag älskar dig" and give it the right pronunciation so on the off chance she met a real Swede she wouldn't wonder why Philip spoke actually rather crappy Swedish.

Or maybe it just never came up?
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I would like to just briefly revisit that topic by pointing out that the creators of the show appear to be explicitly pointing them up in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways:

Take a look at the above picture. Would you know which country was which?

... not until you see the flags.

I think that juxtaposition was very deliberate: it shows two countries at the peak of their political and economic power, representing opposites in their philosophies about organizing societies, and yet - strangely alike in many ways.

People own cars. They go to work. They go out to eat. They fall in love.

In short, they conduct their daily lives in ways that seem almost independent of the system in which they live, and it shows in the very similar cityscape scenes.

I like that touch.
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If so, check out the ATLA fandom comm!


It's very hard to get a Journalfen account (try anyway at this link) but I have enabled anon commenting (if it isn't, please let me know and I'll fix that), and I know people with paid accounts can give out accounts to others. I think mine is still paid up, incidentally, so I might be able to get accounts made.

So, see you there if you're a fan and want to chat about the episodes or any other aspect of the fandom. :)
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[ X-posted to JF ]

So I had time to kill on the plane ride back from AX 2014 and I had nothing else to do, since TRON: Legacy was finished before the plane took off since the flight was delayed.

What else but to switch from the video player to my CoD app on my iPad Mini? X-D And holy shit I must have spent the entire plane ride ONLY GETTING TO LIKE CHAPTER FIVE of Volume ONE, over a space of like three hours.

No wonder this goddamn game can take up days and weeks of your time. The storylines are really involved and the game makes you work for those 100 detective points, heh.

Also, I replayed "First Date, First Kiss, First Kill" and OMFG JACOB FALLON in First Kill! He was such a hysterically funny wise-ass to Maria the entire time, and it's really kind of weird how he had a level of respect for her even though she didn't like his methods and had Internal Affairs looking into him all the time.
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So hey, I'm writing that Agent Paige story and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need someone to bounce ideas off of and beta this; if interested, could you drop me a comment here? I'll PM you through DW to avoid personal contact details getting into my comment section. :)
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My friend Ayala told me about Noragami and I watched the anime and I really liked it! :)


(X-Post Journalfen)
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My mental translation of what he said in this scene?

"Is President Reagan personally scaling our walls? No? Then fuck off, you punk-ass little mofo."

Arkady, you magnificent bastard, you. X-P
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So! Q&A time! I stole these questions from [personal profile] jae, who I hope doesn't mind that I'm going to now do my own Q&A with the same set of questions. :)

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I had fun answering these. :)
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Remember this?

Latest episode of Revolution actually has one of the high US government officials confirm that "70% of our population will be lost".

Score one for me being able to use math to ballpark an estimate later confirmed as canon. X-D

PS. So, apparently Revolution has a tumblr.
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That transliterates to "Drugie* Makhendru", which is "Comrade Mahendru" :P Rather fitting considering who she plays in the series! :D

(Also: Keidrich's name is still not transliterated in the opening credits)

* Ironically, I know "drug" means "Friend", "Comrade" from Serbian/Croatian, not from Russian. :P (I've seen quite a few "Drugi Tito" pictures)
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It's not really that spoilery, but my God, what the hell is going on in that man's brain???

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As promised, I'll continue on! :)

A bit of an aside, however; the fact of my handle has some relevance, since it's what I do, more or less, in my real-world studies. And in quantum mechanics, what's been found is that one of the most fundamental aspects of nature is driven by something called a "broken symmetry": the weak interaction.

What this means is that a mathematical symmetry still exists, but it's been hidden or modified so it's no longer obvious in a simple way.

And one thing I've noticed, in studying the women of this series, is that the symmetries aren't so exact. They're also broken symmetries.

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I think for parts 4 and onward, I'll explore some of the plot arcs in the series, because just as with the opening credits, I believe that the writers have purposely and consciously chosen to show, in microcosm, how similar and alike - how symmetric - the erstwhile diametrically-opposed ideological enemies actually are: in this series, we're seeing the best and brightest spies on Earth capable of calling on the vast resources of two entire nations to do their bidding in their hidden battles with one another.
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I'm now going to zoom in on a more "personal" level and look at the most obvious symmetries first. These are people whose roles could most easily be interchanged if we were to swap and call this show "The Soviets": sleeper American agents in the USSR, for example.

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Part 3 will start exploring less obvious symmetries, and focus more on the women of the series as well.
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As the second season begins to ramp up, I want to revisit "The Americans" from the point of view of the symmetries I've seen in the series, starting with the opening credits.

Future parts will explore symmetries between the characters themselves, as I expect this to be an ongoing and recurring theme through Season 2 as much as in Season 1. These posts will be fairly image-laden with clickable thumbnails, so keep that in mind if you're on a slow connection.

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As regards supernaturalistic type TV shows...

I tried to get into True Blood, but I quit midway into the pilot because the show kind of just spammed in with a bunch of characters all at once who were all about equally important-ish to the plot, and keeping track of all of them wasn't easy.

Teen Wolf is a lot easier to get into: there's a much tighter focus on one or two people, namely Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, bringing in others as required by the plot and not otherwise, which means the awesome bromance of the guys and the power-couple romance of Scott and Allison are both well-executed. :D

I think what this show really has as its draw is the question of identity: teenagers are already wrestling with that as they grow up, but overlaid on top of this is Scott's lycanthropy: who is he? Is he human? Werewolf? Both? And who can he become when he grows to adulthood? Derek shows one rather bad turn life can take: being perpetually suspicious of anyone who's not in your pack and being only indifferently helpful to humans and/or newbie werewolves.

I'm only in the first season, so I don't know how this will play out. But we shall see, neh?

Bonus: Scott McCall is seriously fucking built. (and hot. :P )

Bonus 2: I wish the show would 'ship Scott, Allison and Stiles, because Allison and Stiles both love Scott, just in different ways. And they aren't really even jealous of each other, because they know they complete Scott in different ways. Oh well, there's always fanfic. :P
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[ X-post: JF ]

This scares the shit out of me. I'm not getting any younger, and there's fics I want to write (and finish!) and I just think, "Oh my God, what if--?"

I don't mind dying so much (since I'll be dead obviously and likely not around to do anything in this world), but what I do mind is the thought that I might lose my mental faculties and be unable to do and read something I enjoy a lot: fan fiction.

And that really bothers me.

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1. Arrow's Felicity Smoak continues to be (pardon the pun) Smoak-ing. :P Seriously, smart IT lady who went to MIT? She rocks, plain and simple. :D

2. Revolution! One of my hobby horses when it comes to this show is figuring out the physics of that world (see my previous posts on what happens to Maxwell's Equations).

A related thing I like to occasionally consider is what mechanical devices could replace electromagnetic devices in this world, and I have come across Electrical and Mechanical Analogs which starts off by showing the similar equations and parameters you can use to "translate" from an electromagnetic system to a mechanical system.

Bottom line: If it's electrical, you can probably make a much bigger and more cumbersome mechanical equivalent.

Rather neat! :P
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So, you know that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann watching I was *cough* supposed to be finishing up? Uh, yeah. (<_<)

Anyway, in other news! An excellent meta by my friend Ayala, but note: Spoilers for Episode 13!

Awesome meta is awesome.
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(x-post from Journalfen)

This movie practically defines epic. I mean, the premise is totally absurd, but the movie is like WHO THE FUCK CARES GIANT-ASSED MECHA AND GODZILLAS ARE IN IT X-D

It's like a cross between Robot Jox and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, all remixed with some very cool 1940s-esque retro World War II aesthetic which I GIVE ALL THE THUMBS UP TO.

I watched it about a couple weeks after my friend Ayala did, and I concur that it is like ALL THE AWESOME and I will see it in 3D soon too! :D

And holy shit no wonder the fandom fucking exploded after the movie came out.

LOOK AT THIS TUMBLR. I dare you to not die laughing.

Especially at the ones involving Newt and Hermann. OMFG Newt is so totally Kai-esque, too. :D

There's I don't know how many more tumblrs associated with this??? I could probably spend the next several days just finding PacRim tumblrs to laugh and squee at :)

And finally, Raleigh is like TOTAL EYE CANDY, guys. You should see him shirtless, no wonder Mako wants to Drift with him so badly. XD

So yeah, if you haven't seen it you should totally go. :)

EDIT: Great commentary on the 1940s WW2 esthetic of the show! (honestly, I'm a sucker for the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s fashion-wise, so... :) )
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